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Cb Cars

The moment I met the guy I knew there was something wrong. He was so overweight and rude. Just something slimy about him.

I got the car. Paid over 5 k for it and 2 days later it breaks down. I took it to a mate and he says its beyond repair. Been clocked sawdust in the gear box, paint on the tyres the works.

I went back to the guy and he was just threatening and rude. Nasty man. I should have known better.


CB Cars

1 Apple Trees

Brick Kiln Lnae


NR14 8PY

Tel: 01508 473039

Review about: Bad Customer Service.

Monetary Loss: $10000.



So who is this Guy?


Do you like the weather today?


Once again the neighbours son has stepped in .well ninja why did you call the car dealer and try to talk your way out of all these dirty tricks. Are you proud of yourself for trying to shut a mans livelihood down .there are children living next door to your father . You should hold your head in shame with all these lies .from ninja you are a disgrace to the ninja population

Swaffham, England, United Kingdom #793078

Hello team. Am looking into the neighbour situations mentioned by bowgy any will expose the truth about this once I have the information.

Norwich, England, United Kingdom #785958

Why would someone buy a car what's wrecked inside. Didn't you open the door, dippy, whose the anus :)

Norwich, England, United Kingdom #785864

So that's it! I got a crappy car from this anus.

It looked good but was wrecked inside. He never told me it was a bloody company car. Those things have been driven into the ground and really mistreated.

It's it not your car you just abuse it. He should have a warming in all his adverts saying warning this is a x company car!

Not happy

to Complaint Norwich, England, United Kingdom #785954

Why have you never complained. And why have you never brought it back, we have had no complaints.

Name the car, we supposed off sold you. What a load of rubbish someone has made up, hiding behind a computer screen again.

Norwich, England, United Kingdom #779008

What a load of rubbish I have bought many cars from this dealer and everyone was spot on no complaints I know all this rubbish has come from a neighbour and his son who didnt want this man to trade from his garden . So if you want a good car vist c b cars his cars 99 % are x company cars with full service history so dont believe these rubbish reports .thanks for reading this


Now why would any legitimate car dealer stop dealing cars?

Stockwell, England, United Kingdom #741682

I have read this thread and have concluded that it must all be true. Its obvious to me that Carl Broomfield is as stated threatening and rude.

You can see it by the comments.

You can also see he is attempting to be deceptive by posting many comments under different names. For this reason I dont see him as trustworthy.


So glad I saw this. Was about to buy a car.

Just googled the phone number.

I don't want to buy a car from someone who acts like this. I don't think the comments made by Carl Broomfield on this page are very professional and are more damming than the original complaint.

to Chris Toga #740858

You must be one clever fellow Chris NINJA Toga, been`s I have no cars for sale. Which proves this is a load of rubbish.

So how would you goggle my number. ***.

Norwich, England, United Kingdom #727127

No smoke without fire

to its all True Norwich, England, United Kingdom #728242

All so clever with comments, but still no one will put there name to all of this rubbish, hence spineless gutless ***.

Norwich, England, United Kingdom #692695




London, England, United Kingdom #689397

Ok I am nothing to do with this. I just saw an advert by this guy on gumtree and googled the number but here are some observations.

Who ever posted the real car Broomfield message is also the person who posted many of the other messages. You can see this by the writing style and by the fact he puts all the words he thinks are important in captials. Look at the proud customers defending him and you will notice how they are VERY upset just like this is the REAL Carl Broomfield.

The second this I would point out is that every time someone posts a message on this page. It becomes more powerful. It goes up in the search rankings and gets more key words and hits.

So if whoever is posting these messages thinks they are helping you are not. Every time you visit the page post a message or do anything to do with it you are adding key words and making the page better for the search engines.

to If your trying to help Newport, Wales, United Kingdom #689441

You are talking ***.

Norwich, England, United Kingdom #685395

This is the real CARL BROOMFIELD.

Im offering a reward for the name and address of the person who has made these false ALLEGATIONS up.

My number is 07729126823

Norwich, England, United Kingdom #662659

"Personal attacks will be deleted" it says! So...the original post calls Carl Broomfield "overweight, rude and slimy" clearly a personal attack!

I know Carl and his family personally and these comments are the biggest load of *** I've ever seen. My car is from Carl and hasn't needed as much as a new bulb!

What I would say is that the REAL people who have brought cars from Carl wouldn't hesitate to again, and yes, it appears you have to pay to get bad reviews removed from this site, scam? If people read the false comments and decide not to buy from Carl, they probably haven't passed their driving test yet and are so thick they never will ;)

Liverpool, England, United Kingdom #653611

I like how everyone is saying the same thing and also using CAPITALS for EMPHASIS!

Norwich, England, United Kingdom #653610

I came in on this page on a random search for a new car. Its funny!

Can I point out to the very happy customer that saying the car someone said was a clone car is identical to one you own from the same seller actually PROVES his point. Rather than defends it.

The whole point in a clone is that its identical to another car.

Lol :grin

London, England, United Kingdom #649748

I know this man and this whole complaint is just a scam. CB Cars is a genuine, VAT registered business. This site and one other are scams, if you are not intelligent enough to understand whats going on here then you certainly are not qualified to buy a car from anyone.

So to get this FALSE COMPLAINT removed one has to PAY........If this person complaining is genuine, then call Mr Broomfield and sort out your problems but as you (the complainer) haven't actually bought a car from Mr Broomfield you can't.

Mr Broomfield has sold 1000's of cars and is an honest working family man.

The car in the picture was sold to a happy customer and that proves that this complain is FAKE............

Norwich, England, United Kingdom #642879

I am VERY pissed off at this, I bought this car, and it works 100% fine, the photo is a fiesta ST and it belongs to me and would very much appreciate it if this picture was removed, I have been told by Carl who sold me the car nearly three months ago, and just to say, it's the best *** car I've ever bought! Gave me a years MOT, 6 months tax and a great price with GENUINE mileage!

If this picture of MY car is not removed I will inform the police myself and they will happily track down your IP address to whoever is making these extremely FALSE accusations. Do not listen to this ***, someone obviously has a lot of time on their hands and you will be caught out.

Proud owner of a Fiesta ST from CB Cars.



to ... #692698

i do feel very sorry for you. As you have bought this and saved hard for. Its you car thats been used a false slander.

to Sarah #692699

your car and you have never complained. You loved it so much and bought extras for it.

Yarmouth, Maine, United States #628241

Put this guys name or number into you tube

to Duggy London, England, United Kingdom #649752

Its YouTube Duggy Dumb ***.

The YouTube video you mention does not exist anymore because it is false and is a violation of CB Cars private life.

Diss, England, United Kingdom #627500

Guys did you see this on

I went to this dealer in 2008 to buy a Audi A3. The advert in Auto trader said it had only 59.000 miles on the clock.

When i got there it had 89,000. The own said he could take care of it. I noticed at the time some strange people hanging about his yard. I though he meant that he would cut the price but later having bought the car I notice the mileage had been adjusted.

I should have known then something was up. I put it out of my mind because I really liked the car.

6 month later I get pulled over by the police. The car I bought is a clone. The man who sold it to me a clown.

Basically the numberplate and vehicle identification number or VIN from a similar car had been copied and slapped on the stolen car and sold to me.

Thge problem is that its not a crime to sell a car if you dont know its clones. So when the police come you have no legal recourse – you have to hand over the stolen property.

I went back to C B Cars near Norwich and the owner Carl Broomfield just laughed at me.

So I am posting this here to warn others.

The details are

CB Cars ( Cark Broomfield)

1 Apple Trees

Brick Kiln Lnae


NR14 8PY

Tel: 01508 473039

(07729) 126823

to Roger London, England, United Kingdom #641050

I have just bought a car of this guy! He is a great man gave a warante and the car was great. I don't see why you are comlaining he couldnt sell a clocked car!!

to charlie7 #1159539

Great Spelling

Liverpool, England, United Kingdom #621050

I have complained to autotrader again and again over this ugly nasty smelly man


Thank for this. Almost bought a car from him today!

Norwich, England, United Kingdom #610394

This is Carl Broomfield.

The man who did writ this dont now what he is talkin about. That car did run good before he did run it bad. He is lyin and is not right. No one have to buy me cars if dey dont wont dem.

If you not happy dont buy! Simple

Carl Broomfielf

CB Cars


York, England, United Kingdom #610283

Yes. I know this guy Ironically I got a car from him via

Total ripoff

Lowestoft, England, United Kingdom #609897

I know this ***. Same thing HAPPENED TO ME. AVOID!

to Dave Trill #660049

I purchased a Vauxhall Vectra from cb cars

no problems what-so-ever,will buy from again.

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